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Mold remediation is a job for trained professionals and should be performed by a certified mold inspector, like Rockefeller’s Cleaning & Restoration Co.

Rockefeller’s restoration techniques guarantee the successful restoration of your property and stabilization of your indoor air quality, because we hold the Applied Microbial Remediation certification and the Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC Certified).

Our primary goal is to restore your property to a structurally safe, habitable and healthy environment as quickly as possible. If you suspect a moisture source, there is potential for mold growth that when left untreated causes property damages and health concerns. Rockefeller’s restoration techniques can control the moisture source and our specially formulated products effectively kill the mold and inhibit its return.

Rockefeller’s Cleaning & Restoration Co. follows extraordinary quality control and OSHA safety precautions for each job to prevent cross contamination, to stabilize airborne spores and successfully restore your property with as little intrusion as possible.

Walls covered in mold