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As a high-performance organization, we are committed to professional and personal success every day.

Rockefeller’s companies are family-owned and values-driven. Our teams are highly engaged with and well-aligned to the Mission, Values and Goals of Rockefeller’s culture. We are passionate about what we do and have spent decades growing relationships built on foundations of integrity, accountability and our commitment to excellent service and superior workmanship.

What is our mission?

  • To be a professional disaster restoration, cleaning services and construction company of integrity
  • To provide dependable, high quality and professional services to our customers
  • To enhance the well-being of our employees through a safe and rewarding workplace
  • To profit fairly through our innovations and efficiency
  • To remain informed in our industry with a promise to furthering our education each day

What are our values?

  • Passion
    • Leads with energy, humility, joy and fun
    • Tenaciously overcomes obstacles
    • Champions Rockefeller’s Cleaning & Restoration Co.’s and Rockefeller’s Construction, Inc’s needs
    • Enthusiastically encourages and celebrates the success of all stakeholders
    • Practices random acts of compassion
  • Integrity
    • Exemplifies Rockefeller’s Cleaning & Restoration Co.’s and Rockefeller’s Construction, Inc.’s values
    • Builds trust by continually exhibiting honesty and respect
    • Demonstrates personal commitment to organizational transparency
    • Role models initiative, responsiveness and skill in crucial conversations
    • Actively maintains appropriate boundaries and professional relationships
  • Excellence
    • Consistently seeks opportunity for improvement
    • Enthusiastically strives to exceed expectations
    • Exercises personal discipline and rigor to achieve outstanding team results
    • Demonstrates extraordinary execution, delivering quality work products that are accurate and on time or ahead of schedule
    • Takes responsibility for personal well-being
  • Accountability
    • Holds oneself and others accountable for behavior, actions and results
    • Proactively and appropriately takes responsibility to be informed and inform others
    • Seeks and embraces feedback
    • Owns mistakes and works rapidly to repair and learn from them